- the new paradigm of clinical decision support

We democratize medical knowledge by guiding physicians step by step through guideline-conform treatment processes.

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Ensuring quality

Ensuring quality by digitizing clinical process knowledge

Improving workflows

Improving workflows by providing communication tools

Increasing capacity

Increasing capacity by automating documentation


— Making clinical specialist knowledge available to any physician
— Same quality of clinical care in any environment globally
"We live in an age where people don’t use maps any more. They use GPS systems which tell them turn left, turn right. And this is how health care is going to work. [...] The smart boy of the future will not be the person who can memorize everything, but who can navigate the system.“
Peter Waegemann, 2008

former Director of the Medical Records Institute in Boston

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In our clinical study in Frankfurt on the CDS tool ‘Perioperative Anticoagulation’ we are observing that currently about one-third of our patient cases are insufficiently documented, one-third is inadequately managed, and only one third is treated according to guidelines

PROF. PATRICK MEYBOHMMedical Director of University Hospital Würzburg

Instead of spending a lot of time reading guidelines, CDS tools can be used to make diagnostic or therapeutic decisions with Just a few clicks.

DR. VICTORIA JOHNSONSpokesperson DGK Youth Cardiologists University Hospital Giessen

The tool on Aortic Stenosis facilitates daily routine by standardizing procedures along valid algorithms. The decision of the heart team about what is planned and what is not planned is also documented.

PROF. ALEXANDER GHANEMMedical Director Internal Medicine Asklepios Klinik Hamburg Nord

The beauty of the system is, there is no arguing about the content. Guidelines are based on good data and done by experts.

PROF. SEBASTIAN SCHNEEWEISSProfessor of Medicine & Epidemiology at Harvard Medical School Chief Division of Pharmacoeconomics at Brigham and Women’s Hospital